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Wu yi tea is another name for wu long tea or oolong tea, which is a medium bodied, flavorful tea that is often described as a cross between green and black teas. You will find a variations in the tea's spelling, including wuyi and wu-yi.

wu yi tea

The term, wu yi, refers to the mountainous region in the Fujian Province of China where the tea is grown and processed. 

While the same as oolong and wulong teas, what distinguishes wuyi tea from green and black varieties is where it is harvested and the increased level of polyphenols that are derived from the tea’s fermentation and extensive production process.(For additional details on production and grading, click here: more about wu yi tea.)

Polyphenols have been hailed for their strong antioxidant properties that protect against a variety of health conditions and disease. In addition, polyphenols may help promote healthier skin and improve metabolism to facilitate weight loss.

Wuyi tea’s potential weight loss attributes have garnered attention from consumers, as well as the media.

A study conducted at the University of Tokushima School of Medicine revealed that drinking wuyi increases energy output (fat burning properties) by as much as 10% over water consumption among the Japanese women who were participating in the study.

While other reports point to the tea's calorie-burning properties, drinking wulong to lose weight is considered an herbal treatment and is not sanctioned by national medical associations for weight loss. Drinking the tea may help, along with eating a healthy diet in combination with a regular exercise program.

Be careful when reading claims that appear to be miracle weight loss remedies that sound too good to be true. And, always consult with your physician before starting a weight loss program or taking any tea or herb for medicinal purposes.

Above all, don’t overlook one of the best and most enjoyable aspects of wu yi blends – their robust taste, pleasing aroma and variety. Depending on the harvest, the tea can range from flowery and sweet to savory and soothing. 

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