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White tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same shrub from which black, green and oolong teas are made. The types of tea are distinguished by the oxidation or fermentation process of the tea leaves after they are plucked, which creates marked distinctions in flavor, aroma, and color.

The tea undergoes minimal processing compared to other varieties. First, the young tea leaves are harvested before the buds have fully opened.

The leaves are then dried by steaming rather than air drying. And unlike other tea processes, they are not rolled or crushed.

As a result, the natural enzymes inside the leaves are never exposed to air.

The processing of the leaves keeps the tea closer to its natural state, which is why white varieties have more polyphenols than other teas – and potentially greater health benefits.

A Pace University study showed that drinking the white brew may inhibit the growth of viruses and bacteria. This helps reduce infections and promote overall wellness. The tea has also shown to reduce dental plaque and support oral health.

Findings by the Skin Study Center at University Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve University suggest the tea helps promote healthy skin cells by boosting immune systems when exposed to harmful sun rays.

White brews have a pale liquor, delicate woody flavor, and almost no caffeine. They are smooth and delightful to drink.

According to tea expert and tea-book author Tina Pennington, a six-ounce cup of this tea has approximately 15 mg of caffeine per serving.

This level of caffeine compares to black tea with 40 mg per serving, oolong tea at 30 mg per serving, and green tea providing 20 mg of caffeine per cup.

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