Tea Sandwiches

Serve Delicious Cucumber Finger Sandwiches at Your Tea

Tea sandwiches are easy to make and are the perfect accompaniment to your afternoon tea. Most likely, you have everything you need already in your kitchen.

Simply use fresh, tasty bread and make a regular sandwich. Then cut off the crust. Never use the ends of the bread loaf. Cut the sandwich into halves or quarters. Place these on a decorative tray and you have an tasteful and filling snack for your guests.

Cucumber finger sandwiches go great with almost any kind of tea. You may also serve egg or chicken salad, smoked salmon or a vegetarian snack consisting of the current greens from the garden (radishes, lettuce leaf, alfalfa sprouts and cucumber with mayonnaise and/or cream cheese make a tasty treat).

Try this recipe for a guest-pleasing cucumber sandwiches. You will need cucumber, butter, watercress leaves and quality white bread.

How to Make Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

  • Peel a cucumber and then slice it into very thin slices. Your cucumber slices will be wet, so place them between layers of paper towels to dry them out.

  • Chop up one-half cup of watercress leaves. Combine this with one-half cup of unsalted butter, which should be about room temperature.

  • Spread the watercress and butter mixture on one side of each slice of bread, being sure not to use the end of the loaf.

  • Put the cucumber slices on the buttered side of half of the bread slices. Sprinkle with salt if desired. Add a tablespoon of alfalfa sprouts on top and then cover with the buttered side of another slice of bread.

  • Carefully cut the crust from the sandwich. A good sharp knife works best. Cut the sandwiches in half diagonally and then in half again for quarters.

This recipe for cucumber sandwiches should give you eight whole sandwiches, 16 halves or 32 quarters.

If you must fix your tea sandwiches several hours prior to your event, be sure they do not dry out. To do this, cover with a sheet of wax paper. Place a damp kitchen towel on top of the wax paper.

Be sure the kitchen towel does not come into direct contact with the sandwiches. Place them in the refrigerator until 20 minutes before they are to be served. 

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