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These tea resource sites are provided as a service to site visitors to complement the content on this site. Please note they are not associated with Learn-About-Tea.com. Therefore, we are not responsible for content, health claims or products from these outside sources.

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Arizona Tea
Article with information about the founders of Arizona Tea and their focus on making pre-packaged teas.

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil
Article with information about using tea tree oil as a natural remedy for skin-related conditions.

Jane Pettigrew - Tea Expert
An accomplished tea specialist, historian, writer, and consultant, Ms. Pettigrew has educated people around the globe about the fascinating world of tea.

Roses and Teacups

Specializing in handcrafted and custom gifts featuring a tea and roses theme. This online gift shop offers beautiful teaware, tea accessories, stationary, jewelry, hats, aprons and elegant tea party favors.

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