Tea Party Themes

If you are planning to host an afternoon tea, the array of tea party themes is endless. Your gathering can be related to a décor theme or special event such as a child’s birthday, bridal shower or special retirement. Tea parties can also be planned for holidays such as Christmas, Easter, or Mother’s Day.

Regardless of the theme, it is most important to set a gracious table. Enjoy using your good china and serving trays. Food should be presented buffet style and should be a generous mix of sweet and savory goodies.

Tea parties are usually scheduled between mid and late afternoon, so heavy entrees are not necessary.

Following are tea party themes and ideas to consider. 

Mother and Daughter Tea.
For a memorable afternoon tea party, invite mothers and daughters and tell them to bring their favorite tea cup and saucer. Serve a variety of teas and an attractive choice of finger food. Inevitably, the conversation will turn to special memories of tea times they have shared in the past.

Hawaiian Tropics.
Have guests come dressed in Hawaiian shirts and clothes and give everyone a lei when they enter your home. Decorate with palm trees and bright colors. Play Hawaiian music and serve a variety of fruit teas. Your food selection should include tropical choices as well to remain consistant with your theme.

Mother’s Day. 
Celebrate Mother’s Day using your finest china, best quality tea and create an elegant aura with fine linens, fresh flowers, and soft music that serves as a backdrop for loving conversation. This will be a special day to remember for any mother.

Dolly and Me Tea.
If the party is for children, consider hosting afternoon tea and have everyone bring a favorite doll to display. These are great conversation pieces and will promote interaction among young guests. Play word games and have age-directed activities to round out the afternoon of fun.

Indoor Picnic.
On a dreary afternoon, bring everyone to life with an indoor tea time picnic. Take a “shabby-chic” approach to elegance and use mismatched tea ware, linens, and a simple menu of grilled ham and cheese sandwiches, and fruit salad. You may want to consider eating on the floor with a checkered tablecloth

Whatever tea party theme you choose, the idea is to treasure the memories long after the tea is gone. So keep your teapots and tea cups full of tea, your trays filled with delectable treats, and enjoy being a gracious hostess.

THe information above include excerpts from an article on tea party hosting by Helen Christa of TheTeaPartyClub.com.

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