Selecting a Tea Party Invitation

The type of tea party invitation you send to guests sets the tone for your special gathering. With a little effort and thought, you can create an invitation that will vividly spell out the what your guests will experience at your tea party.

If your event has a theme, find an invitation to match. For example, if you are hosting a Victorian themed tea party, search for white invitations using lace.

For a children’s tea party, try an Alice in Wonderland or similar theme. Ask your child to decorate the invitation paper so that it looks like a deck of playing cards.

Your youngster could draw the card suits of diamonds, hearts, spades and clubs, or cut out shapes using red and black construction paper. Add the party details on the inside of the card.

Your invitations should go out at least two weeks prior to your event. If anyone in your party will be traveling, allow time for your guests to plan their trip. In those instances, send out the party invitation a minimum of three or four weeks in advance.

Invitations can be store bought, homemade, or created on the computer using your own photographs or other items that are not covered by copyright law. Blank note cards also make lovely invitations and most office supply stores sell them. You may also have invitations custom printed, if you desire.

Your party invitations can have a certain color scheme that you can use throughout your party planning. If your event is somewhat formal, then the announcement should match. For example, if your invites feature a flower on the front, then use that same type of flower as a centerpiece.

If you carry the theme through from invitation to party décor, your guests will see that their hostess has put much time and thought into the event and will be honored by the attention.

Invitations may also include a list of refreshments or entertainment, if desired. Some tea parties feature a musician and it may be appropriate to mention the entertainer's name on the invitation.

Invite people to tea parties to celebrate small and significant events of life. Baby showers, bridal showers, birthdays, Christmas – all offer a reason to celebrate with friends old and new. Whatever the reason, use your tea party invitation to set the mood and the spirits for a celebration of joyous occasions.

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