Tea Party Games for Adults

Creative, engaging tea party games can make your tea gathering even more memorable by providing entertainment and a means by which everyone in attendance can get to know one another a little better.

The following games are provided by event planner and party expert Gail Leino who specializes in unique concepts for holiday celebrations, afternoon teas, and other special gatherings.

Tea Word Game 

Before guests arrive for tea, create a list of unusual words from the dictionary or thesaurus. You can make each of the words you choose relate to the theme of your event, if appropriate.

Then write each word you select on an index card. Below that word, craft some possible definitions for the selected word in a multiple choice format.

For example, you could create an index card for the words, White Tea, with the following: A) a warm-bodied tea to drink during a winter snow, B) a tea made from young leaves that undergo minimal process to preserve antioxidants, C) a tea that has hallucinogenic properties. In the case of this word, the right answer is B.

Once everyone has enjoyed a cup of brew, begin playing the tea game by asking each attendee to pick an index card. Then ask someone to start by reading the word and possible definitions.

The person sitting next to the reader guesses which definition he or she believes to be correct. If the answer is right, that individual gets one point. Proceed around the room and pick more cards for subsequent rounds.

The guest with the most points (correct answers) is the winner. You can have an elimination round, if necessary, to break a tie.

Tea Mime

Write down the names of all party guests on pieces of paper. During the tea party, have everyone draw a name from a hat. If people draw their own name, ask them to put their own name back in the hat and pick another name.

Then, when the Tea Mime game begins, advise the group that each player will act out in mime the dominate emotion or attitude of the person whose name he or she has drawn.

So if Aunt Joy is a happy, excitable individual, the player would act out her joyous demeanor while the other players guess whom she is portraying. At the end of the game, the guest who has correctly indentified the most players is declared the winner.

Taste Test Game

Purchase a variety of different teas for your guests, and then offer a small cup of each to them. Have your guests try to guess what kind of tea they are tasting based on taste, aroma, color of liquor and viscosity.

The guest who properly identifies the most teas is designed the tea connoisseur of the day.

Your tea selections for the game can be green, white, oolong and black tea. Or you may want to make it more difficult by having guests taste test specific varieties within each tea type.

For example, you can use all black teas and have guests determine whether they are Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling or Earl Grey varieties.

If you choose to give small prizes to the winners of your tea party games (which is not typically expected), you may opt to give tea-related gifts such as a canister of fine grade raw tea, brewing equipment, a tea book, or a unique tea cup and saucer.

For more information on tea party games, visit Ms. Leino's site at party-games-etc.com.

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