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sencha green teaSencha Green Tea

Sencha green tea, which comes from Japan and is that country's most popular tea, is created from the first leaves during the annual spring tea harvest.

The tea plants for sencha are grown in the full sun with no shading. After plucking, the leaves are steamed for a brief time prior to rolling and drying.

The finest sencha teas generally come from Kogashim, Uji, or Shizuoka, Japan. To be sure you are receiving the best quality tea, look for one of these regions on the label. This tea is sold in various grades. 

Also, since the quality of sencha deteriorates after the first harvest, see if you can find out harvesting information prior to purchase.

Sencha tea is known as an "everyday" tea in Japan. It differs in appearance from the traditional Chinese or green teas grown in other countries. It also has a darker emerald-green appearance.

According to some, sencha has a nuttier taste than other green tea types. It goes well with chocolate and seafood. It also has a stronger fragrance than other green teas.

Sencha is best when brewed in soft water. It should not steep long. The tea leaves may also be used in cooking or added to salads or other dishes that require fresh greens or herbs.

Health Benefits

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Green tea has less caffeine than coffee and black teas. It is rich in polyphenols, which offer antioxidants that help build the immune system.

Sencha is rich in vitamins C and E, and it is thought to give skin a healthy glow. Additionally, sencha and all green teas are purported to help:

  • prevent tooth decay,
  • kill oral bacteria that causes bad breadth,
  • boost the metabolic rate (helping facilitate weight loss), and
  • provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Studies also suggest that drinking green tea may help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, and even help fight some cancers.

While the advantages of green tea seem numerous and are based on research, many of studies indicate further analysis is required to confirm findings of health benefits. Therefore, it is important to always consult with your doctor before drinking tea (or taking herbal remedies) for any health-related purpose.

Preparation Guidelines

  • To prepare sencha tea, use 1 teaspoon of sencha leaves per 6 ounces of soft water.
  • Heat the water to 180 degrees (about when steam starts to rise) and add tea leaves.
  • Allow the sencha leaves to steep for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • Then strain your brew and enjoy the delicate flavor and health advantages of this delightful green tea.

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