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Rooibos Tea, also known as Red Tea or Redbush, is not an actual tea derived from the Camilla Sinensis plant. Rather Rooibos comes from an herb, which is indigenous to the Cederburg area of South Africa. 

rooibos tea

This herbal infusion has no caffeine and only half the tannin of ordinary teas.

Apart from being a tasty, enjoyable beverage that can be drunk instead of true tea or coffee, Rooibos offers a host of added benefits from its natural minerals and health-preserving antioxidants.

Health Benefits

Japanese scientists discovered Rooibos contains powerful antioxidants that help promote overall wellness, offer potent anti-inflammatory properties, and have the potential to slow signs of aging. In addition, the herb is also found to contain the flavanoid, aspalathin, which counteracts the atherosclerotic processes that result in heart disease.

Research by the French revealed that hair lotion containing Rooibos promoted faster hair growth with improvement in the hair condition — and caused no allergic reactions.

South African researches found that the polyphenol content in Rooibos is similar to green tea. Polyphenols help protect the body from damage by free radicals.

Other studies link Rooibos tea to helping lessen digestive problems, nausea, stomach cramps and constipation.

Drinking the herbal brew can also have a calming effect. It has shown to help with symptoms related to irritability, insomnia and depression.

Brewing and Serving

Preparation is the same as ordinary tea. First warm your tea pot with boiling water and then place one teaspoon of Rooibos or one tea bag per cup required in the pot.

Pour over boiling water and let infuse for a few minutes. The longer it is left before drinking the more antioxidants the brew will contain.

Rooibos has a distinctive red hue and a sweet and slightly nutty flavor. The herbal infusion can be served plain, with hot or cold milk or lemon.

You can sweeten it with honey, sugar, stevia or other sweetening agent, if you choose. Many people enjoy drinking rooibos without any sweetener. Rooibos can also be served over ice and makes a wonderful ice tea to quench your thirst on a hot day.

In South Africa, Rooibos is often used in daily meal preparation because of the important minerals and antioxidants it adds to the diet. It also enhances the flavor of select foods. Just replace the water in a recipe with the brewed tea.

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