Multiple Infusions of Tea

Try Re-Steeping to Enjoy the Benefits of Multiple Infusions

Most people who drink tea, only steep their tea bags or tea leaves one time. Yet, by discarding the tea after one brewing, you may not get the full value from your tea. Plus, you may be missing out on a wonderful diversity of flavor and aroma that re-steeping offers.

Fine Tea Provides the Best Value 

When people buy tea, they often focus on the price per weight. Ironically, this focus on price can lead value loss because individuals may end up purchasing low-quality, lesser-priced teas that can only be steeped once or twice.

Quality, more expensive teas can often be steeped over and over without losing taste or bouquet. As a result , the high or low prices of various offerings can be misleading since the more expensive, finer teas costs more per unit weight - yet yield more cups of brew.

Different Infusions Provide Different Flavor and Aroma

Extra infusions not only allows you to get more value from your tea, but enable you to experience different facets of a tea's aroma, flavor, and overall qualities.

Since natural chemicals diffuse at different rates, each subsequent cup will have a different flavor profile. Sometimes one cup will be a bit bitter, another sweet, and another primarily aromatic.

The aroma of each cup can also be strikingly different from one steeping to the next. These nuances from cup to cup greatly enrich the experience of drinking tea.

Tea Types that are Best for Re-Steeping

In general, large-leaf, whole-leaf teas work best for re-steeping your tea. Though finely-broken tea leaves, such as the fannings or dust used in most commercial tea bags, usually yields poor results. This is because all of the flavor is extracted from the fine particles during the first infusion.

Green, white oolong (wu-long), and Pu-erh tea are the best suited for brewing multiple cups from the same leaves. Although, black whole-leaf teas can be successfully re-steeped.

Source: Alex Zorach, creator of, a tea rating and review site.

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