Hosting a Tea Party

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Hosting a tea party can be a fun way to slow the place of life and enjoy a special afternoon with friends. A successful event takes just a few hours planning, which can also be pleasurable in itself. One of the first things you’ll have to decide is whether or not your party will have a theme. Will you host a British tea party? A Victorian tea party?

An unusual theme might be to host a cookie exchange tea party, which can take place anytime, not just during the winter holidays. This is a great way to try out a new recipe and have a special event with a sweet twist.

Encourage your friends to bring their favorite cookie recipes, baking tips and/or other finger goodies to share with party attendees. 

Here are some helpful tips for hosting a successful, enjoyable tea party (whether you choose to have a cookie exchange or not).

hosting a tea party
  • Set the date at a time when your invitees are most likely to come. You can plan the event around a birthday or holiday, if you like.

  • Select your theme and have it be something that will be fun for you and your guests.

  • Choose your party invitations to reflect your personality and the party theme. For tips on tea party invitations, click here. Plan on mailing your invitations out to guests at least two weeks prior to your event.

  • Decide on the types of loose leaf teas you will serve. For ideas, visit the extensive selection of loose leaf teas in our specialty tea shop in partnership with Art of Tea. This purveyor of quality tea provides specific brewing instructions for each tea offered to help ensure optimum flavor for your guests.

  • Plan your menu. What type of foods will you serve? Consider what you can prepare ahead of time. Ideas include a selection of tasty sandwiches, scones and sweets, a special salad, and fruit.

  • Make sure you have an appropriate supply of teaware, including teacups, saucers, teapots and infusers, along with spoons and forks, small plates, and cloth napkins.

  • You also will need a plate of lemon wedges, a container full of packets of sweeteners, and servers for honey and whole milk. Use lumps of sugar instead of regular refined sugar for an added touch of elegance.

  • Set a lovely table. For hosting a tea party, use your best tea service and add a flower centerpiece. Yellow roses signify friendship and match any décor. Decorate your table to match your theme.

Above all, try to keep things simple because, as hostess, you want to enjoy yourself, too. Planning will keep your efforts to a minimum on the big day so you can focus on your friends and enjoy their company

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