Green Tea Benefits

green tea benefits

Freshness is Key to Derive Green Tea Benefits

The objective of consuming green tea is to derive the greatest health benefits that the brew has to offer. However, the tea has a fairly short shelf life.

Therefore, it should be drunk as quickly after picking as possible. The actual harvest date and shelf life is usually written on the packaging by the production company.

Note that green tea has a shorter short shelf life when compared with other blends. It will generally stay fresh up to six months after harvesting when exposed to open air.

Yet, there are certain varieties that will go stale after just four months from the harvest date. When you purchase your tea, inquire about the term of freshness. 

Keeping tea fresh for consumption begins in the countries where it is harvested and processed. It also involves carefully packing the tea when it is shipped thousands of miles from the harvest site before it reaches the customer.

When transporting green tea on long journeys, most companies (but unfortunately not all) seal the tea in packages filled with a nitrogen gas. The gas replaces oxygen and prevents the brew from oxidation.

When sold in packages, green tea should be sealed in a bag from which the oxygen has been removed. The bag should be resealed quickly after opening and with each use. All the tea in the bag should  be used within two months to ensure freshness and all the benefits derived from consumption.

There is significant difference between a green tea that has been properly packaged and one that has been exposed to air for much of its life. Both the flavor and the beneficial properties of the tea are compromised.

Always read the packaging before purchasing and check the harvest date. The better providers give this information. Remember, the fresher the tea, the greater the taste and health benefits.

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This article was written by Mike Linder.

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