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ginseng teaGinseng

Ginseng tea is a popular herbal tea purported to help reduce fatigue and alleviate symptoms for a range of common aliments. In fact, ginseng is the primary ingredient found in many natural, medicinal teas that are on the market today.

In China, the root of the ginseng herb is believed to have rejuvenating powers and provide health benefits to the entire body. Ginseng is used to address issues with with inflammation, fever, and hormonal imbalances.

However, herbalists say that prolonged consumption can lead to some health-related issues, including insomnia and even heart trouble.

Therefore, as with any herbal supplement, always consult your healthcare provider before using ginseng on a regular basis as a medicinal remedy to curtail health concerns.

To make the herbal tea, slices of the ginseng root can be steeped in hot water to create a brew of varying strengths, based on taste preferences.

You can also purchase ginseng in powder form at a health food retailer and then prepare as directed. The powder can also be added to any type of tea – black, green, oolong or white tea – that you are brewing.

These preparation methods let the drinker control the amount of herb used. There also boxed tea bags containing ginseng that can be purchased from groceries, specialty stores, and online retailers.

Yet, before making a purchase off the shelf, be sure to review all the ingredients. Some packaged teas are sold as ginseng but contain very little of this herb, instead using mostly fillers.

After speaking with your healthcare provider, consider consulting with an herbal practitioner or naturopath about the the amount of ginseng you should use and how to best brew your tea. Do not consume this tea if you are pregnant.

Your ginseng brew can be sweetened with natural honey or stevia. It can be served hot or stored cold in the refrigerator and served over ice.

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