Gifts for Tea Drinkers

Beautifully arranged baskets are popular gifts for tea drinkers. They make a lovely impression on both experienced tea connoisseurs, as well as friends and loved ones who are relatively new to the joy of drinking tea. Following are tea gift baskets in a variety of price ranges.

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Many retailers enable you to customize what is included for your recipient and request specific products for your gift basket. These gift items can be individually gift wrapped and placed in the basket to your specifications.

In addition to tea gift baskets, there are a multitude of other appealing gifts for tea lovers, including attractively packaged specialty tea, designer tea sets, brewing accessories, decorative tea cups, and other fine teaware. Ideas for memorable gifts for tea lovers include:

  • A selection of flavored honey and preserves
  • Bundles of beautiful, hand-sewn blooming tea - also referred to as flowering tea
  • Gift certificates to a specialty tea house
  • A fine porcelain teapot and tray
  • A glass teapot and matching glass teacups and saucers
  • Specialty books about tea
  • Whimsical tea-themed presents such as clocks, towels, coasters, signs, and tea artwork
  • Musical CDs to play while drinking tea
  • Gourmet scone biscuit mixes

Additional choices may include tea accessories such as silver tea strainers, a lemon press, tea balls and infusers, tea tray caddies and decorative storage tins

For special occasions such as showers, weddings, and anniversaries, you may want to consider some beautiful China ware, unique teapots and kettles or Yixing teapots, which have the unique ability to absorb the tea flavor with continued usage.

The fired clay contains tiny air pockets that provide insulation for enhanced taste and aroma of fine teas. You may also want to consider giving a traditional Japanese tea ceremony gift set.

Enjoy the experience of buying something special for tea lovers. Your selection will be appreciated and treasured for years to come. And while you are shipping, you may even find something tea-related for yourself.

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