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decorative tea kettle

Tea kettles have dramatically evolved over the years to suit brewing needs, cultural tastes, and style preferences. Thousands of years ago tea was prepared in open pots in China. Covered vessels and kettles came with the Ming Dynasty in order to better steep the leaves and keep the brew hot for consumption.

When tea was brought to the West by the Dutch, the teapot began to evolve. As tea grew in popularity, so did the desire for greater variety in brewing kettles.

To reflect their personal style, tea drinkers wanted a wider selection of tea kettles with more sizes, shape, and designs from which to choose.

In response, new manufacturing techniques were developed in the eighteenth century that transformed the basic brewing vessel. New materials and designs were used to create tea kettles made of stoneware, porcelain and bone china.

decorative tea kettle

According to tea expert and author Jane Pettigrew in her book, The Tea Companion, early pots followed the Chinese tradition for using mythological symbols and creatures.

Later pots reflected eighteenth-center rococo or neoclassical shapes and the heavily ornamented styles of the nineteenth-century Victorian period, which ranged from 1837 to 1901.

Teapots Reflecting the Attitudes of Today

fun tea pots

Today, you can find kettles in a plethora of sizes with designs that range from the ornate to the whimsical. While many tea drinkers continue to enjoy using traditional teaware and brewing vessels, teapots that are unique and innovative continue to increase in popularity.

Perhaps the interest and growing demand for fanciful tea kettle designs can be attributed to the fact that they simply provide a bit of levity and entertainment to people's hectic lifestyles.

So, whether you are looking for a teapot that looks like a rooster, rose, palm tree or lighthouse, you can find a design that meets your needs and appeals to your taste and mood.

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