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Certified Chinese medicine practitioners use Chinese herbal teas to help with disease prevention and for enhancing health. The teas may also be used to address acute illnesses.

Chinese medicine is a system of medicine based on thousands of years of observation about how to live in harmony with the environment.

"We use Chinese herbal blends to enhance the body's natural healing mechanisms, as opposed to combating symptoms," said Nicole Kaltz, a licensed acupuncturist in Roanoke, Virginia

The nationally certified Chinese medicine practitioner added, "They are not actual teas. They’re really special mixes made of specially selected herbs."

A Chinese medicine practitioner examines and observes all aspects of the external physical being and the internal being through the tongue, the pulse and whole body observation.

"We address the symptoms related to the illness as well as other symptoms that may or may not be contributing to the illness. I believe all symptoms are somehow related since the body is a whole working organism," Kaltz explained. "We’re working with patterns and not symptoms specifically."

An herbal tea from a Chinese medicine practitioner may be comprised of items familiar to users, such as cinnamon, fennel, ginger or cardamom.

Yet, they may also contain unique herbs or have an animal-based additive with specific properties aimed at healing.

The herbal formulas are used to treat anything from a temporary disorder, such as a flu, to a chronic ailment like allergies. Chinese herbal blends may have names such as Gan Mao Ling, Jiao Gu Lan, or Yang Rong Wan.

Kaltz also uses green tea from China to help patients with weight loss and digestive issues like upset stomach, obesity and sinus headaches.

Always consult with your physician prior to taking any tea or herb as a healing remedy.

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