Amaretto Flavored Tea

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amaretto tea

You will enjoy amaretto flavored tea if you like sipping tea and find the taste of almonds highly appealing. The blend has a delightful velvety taste. Its rich flavor makes the brew an ideal choice for an after-dinner tea or quenching iced beverage on a hot day.

You can find this sweet almond tea at specialty tea shops, gourmet food stores and even on your next trip to the supermarket.

amaretto flavored tea

This tempting brew is available in a variety of different forms including black, green and herbal tea varieties. What makes these teas so wonderful is the smooth almond flavor and soothing aroma.

In Italian, amaretto means "little bitter." Legend has it thatt amaretto flavoring came to be when the painter, Bernardino Luini, was commissioned in 1525 to paint a fresco of the Madonna for the Santa Maria delle Grazie church in Saronno, Italy.

During his commission, Luini had a passionate affair with a young, beautiful innkeeper whom he hired to pose for the painting. While they were having a romantic interlude, the young woman created an almond-flavored liqueur she called "amaretto" as a gift for her lover.

There are many different ways to enjoy hot or iced amaretto tea. Adding flavored honey sticks, amaretto syrup or sugar cubes creates a delightfully sweet brew. Or, you may prefer adding a touch of milk or cream for extra smoothness and taste.

Amaretto tea also adds a refreshing, unique flavor when used in adult drinks. You may want to experiment with your drink recipes and add some flavorful tea to tropical beverages.

Consider substituting a portion of the juice with freshly brewed amaretto tea to create an unusual, taste delight. Or, if you prefer to use amaretto liqueur, you can mix it with brewed tea of any kind and top with whipped cream for a special treat.

Amaretto tea offers a tremendous amount of versatility and enjoyment to suit every taste.

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